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GamTav- Going Places by VolatileToaster GamTav- Going Places :iconvolatiletoaster:VolatileToaster 476 98 You'll always be my angel by glaringstar You'll always be my angel :iconglaringstar:glaringstar 1,084 122 DEAN'S ANGEL: NO TOUCH by Soliels DEAN'S ANGEL: NO TOUCH :iconsoliels:Soliels 106 10 DEAN by Innocent-raiN DEAN :iconinnocent-rain:Innocent-raiN 272 23
Word Prompt-Mermaid (Destiel)
Dean walked out of work with a grimace on his face, happy to be rid of the cubicle but already pissed off that he would be returning tomorrow. He got into his car and patted the interior lovingly before setting his paperwork and such down on the passenger seat.
Dean knew exactly where he wanted to go. Heck, he went there every day; it was a nice routine that granted him his sanity. He drove to the dock, parking in the usual place and walking out to the edge of the longest pier.
He took off his socks and shoes and rolled up the bottom of his pants, letting his feet graze the ocean water. He threw his head towards the sky and closed his eyes, letting out a loud sigh. His job fucking sucked. He hated everything about it. If he was being honest, his entire life sucked.
He heard a loud splash in front of him and snapped his eyes open. He saw a tail flip by and panicked, the thought of a shark automatically going through his head. He scanned the water for anything but saw nothing.
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Destiel: Neck Kisses by BagelInATrenchcoat Destiel: Neck Kisses :iconbagelinatrenchcoat:BagelInATrenchcoat 208 25 Sabriel: Kiss gif by BagelInATrenchcoat Sabriel: Kiss gif :iconbagelinatrenchcoat:BagelInATrenchcoat 178 17 The Supernatural Chase by Mxi665 The Supernatural Chase :iconmxi665:Mxi665 1,239 166
SPN: Revealing His Wings.
Dean was sitting on the edge of the motel bed, his thoughts in a deep trance. He couldn't quite put his finger on why he was doing what he was about to do, but it made the most sense right then. He wasn't going to complain about it - not in the least. This was something he had wanted for so long and something he would not shy away from. He wanted to be closer, he wanted to touch. He wanted to not be afraid just for five minutes.
"I do not know if I should do this, Dean."
Dean shook his head, "Don't talk stupid, Cas," he gave a crooked smile, looking to the angel standing before him, "Just let me see. Come on, please?"
Castiel was nervous. It was unusual for Dean to be so interested in something other than what happened behind closed doors. He supposed it was alright just this once to show him; he'd gone this long without doing so, hadn't he?
"Come on, Cas. Quit being so shy about it," blue eyes met with a hunter's gaze and he felt his stomach turn a bit, "Let me see!" Dean leane
:iconnorain15:norain15 6 5
Adventures in Sickness
Cas couldn’t breathe. His throat felt as if it was raw and his head felt worse than when he had drank an entire liquor store. The light streaming in from the hallway was blinding, and Cas panicked as he tried to recall the last time they had run into a vampire.
“Dean!” He tried to shout, but his voice was weak and the words hurt. It would be a miracle if it would be heard on the other side of the bed, never mind in the library. He knew he would have to get up, but the notion was not a pleasing one. As he attempted to sit up, the room started to spin and he fell back into the pillows. Cas closed his eyes, urging his head to stop spinning.
After a couple minutes of trying, he managed to push himself off the bed. His stomach lurched as he tried to walk, but Castiel pushed on, forcing himself to stay focused on making it to the library without falling over. He used the walls to steady himself, but the hallway seemed distorted through the dizzy haze in his brain. When he f
:iconcastielsgrace:castielsgrace 14 4
Adventures in Baking
“I wish to bake a pie.” Sam looked up from the ancient text he was reading, eyes meeting Cas’ with confusion. He looked exhausted, and Cas had a feeling Sam hadn’t slept that night. It would explain why he was already in the library despite the early hour.
“We’re on a case, Cas.” He reminded, “Normally I’d be all for helping you, but people have been dying left right and center this week, I can’t just stop what I’m doing.”
“But I have to make one for Dean.” Cas explained, obviously expecting for it to make the situation different, to get Sam on board.
Sam smiled tiredly, “That’s sweet, but it doesn’t change things. Why not just buy him one? He’ll still love it.”
“I can’t, Sam.” Cas insisted, but the taller of the Winchesters had already turned his focus back down to the book in front of him. It was clear to Castiel that he would have to figure it out on hi
:iconcastielsgrace:castielsgrace 10 3
Angel of the Centerfold
Dean shot down the dark and empty highway like he had Hellhounds on his tail, but that's just how he drives.  His lips were pursed together and he had everything on his mind except the two asphalt lanes stretched in front of him.  The separation from Sam was weighing heavily in his thoughts, but not as much as something he'd been fighting not to think about.
More specifically, the way Dean couldn't stop thinking about him, no matter how hard he'd tried.  Sometimes he would find himself staring at Cas, almost unable to look away.  But then the angel would catch him staring, and Dean would act like he had been lost in thought or something.  Of course, it's not like Cas would understand things like longing glances.  Understanding human nature in general was not his strong suit.  But that was ok with Dean, because he found Cas's literal stance to be…adorable.
"Jesus, Dean, could you be any gayer?" he mumble
:iconyourlovehere:yourlovehere 49 361
Destiel Fic
    The city was beautiful at night, especially with the light snowfall coming from the sky and leaving a light coat of frozen vapor covering the buildings and trees.  Castiel was happy.  Maybe it wasn't good news that the demon and monster activity had decreased to the point where it was nearly nonexistent, but it gave him more time to spend with his friends down on earth.  Now they were travelling around the country, just like Dean had always wanted to.  They had already seen the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate bridge, and they even saw the Liberty Bell twice.  To be honest, Cas didn't even care what sights they were out there to see, for all he cared they could stare at the worlds largest ball of twine for weeks, because he was here with Sam and Dean, and for the first time in his very long life, he felt truly happy.
    Now the trio was in New York.  It was gorgeous at this time of year.  People walked around happy holding h
:iconlabramazing:labramazing 28 15
Will You Marry Me?
Dean grumbled to himself as he tried to fix his hair, which just so happened to be sticking up in the oddest way possible. Dean was never one who focused on his looks, hell, he barely showered in the morning. But, today was different. Today was special. But, just because life liked to fuck him over so much, Dean was overall frustrated with his appearance. His dirty blonde hair was sticking up in all sorts of angles, the bags under his eyes looked deeper and darker, not to mention he hadn't shaved in awhile and was beginning to grow a layer of stubble.
Dean glanced down at his watch and looked at the time, shit, it was almost time. He managed to tame his hair slightly and shave quickly before heading to the door. He grabbed his keys, the flowers and made sure to grab the small little box that was perched on top of his dresser. There was no way he could forget that, not after all the time and effort he put into it. It was just around 6:40 as Dean pulled up to their meeting spot, perfect
:iconsachipachi1:sachipachi1 41 34
How to view Destiel: Cast v Characters
Erik Kripke: I made the fuckers.
Robert Singer: I'm just the douche bag who named a character after myself.
Sera Gamble : NEVER BITCHES!
Ben Edlund: Mhmm…now KISS!
Jared Padalecki: Haha…is that a butt?
Jim Beaver: Gosh, Jensen and Misha are just so adorable.  
Sebastian Roché: Oh yeah. Dean and Castiel are such an item.
Mark Sheppard: LOLZ idgaf. I kissed Jim Beaver.
Misha Collins: So, Jensen, I'm going to play Castiel like he is head over heels in love with you, and there will be tons of sexual tension. Let's fuck all the shippers over, K? K.
Jensen Ackles: And I'll play Dean like he's questioning his sexuality and we'll just give each other deep, meaningful glances that look like we're having eye sex. It'll be great!
Bobby Singer: If those two idjits don't get together and stop giving each other those looks, I'm going to have a heart attack.
Sam Winchester : Dammit, just fuck already!
Balthazar: I ship that shit so hard…
Crowley: LOLZ idgaf. I kissed Bob
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It's too hot. by sweetdari It's too hot. :iconsweetdari:sweetdari 319 35



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